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There are a range of self-contained and shared studios and workspaces at Grays Wharf which are occupied by a range of professional artists, illustrators, photographers, film makers, printmakers and ceramicists. Follow the links below to see their work.

Katie Bunnell
Will Clark
Catie Close
Nina Constable
Jon Denham
David Doran
Jon Doran
Anna Gruber
Pip Hayler
Jessie Higginson
Georgina Holman
Rachael Jones
Emma Lewis
Guy Martin
Rosanna Martin
Fleur Rampton
Oliver Raymond-Barker
Paul Ruskin
Hannah Woodman


All studios are currently fully occupied. We have a waiting list for self-contained and shared studio spaces at Grays Wharf. If you would like to be added to it, please email below:

For studio space, please email:

For shared desk space, please email: